Welcome to my garden. No, it’s not an elegant, well-manicured garden. Sure, there are some nice, dainty flowers: roses, peonies, lilac and tulips. But there are also shrubs and unsightly weeds. Here and there, you’ll trip on some slabs of stones and broken pots. That garden is my mind.

You will find write-ups about the struggles of overseas Filipino workers ( OFWs) and migrants because I am one of them. There are at least 10 million of us  scattered around world. Also, I’ve included some Filipino poetry, the only non-English section on this blog.

Moreover, you’ll find my commentaries on various social issues and tips how to survive this so-called life. If there’s one thing I’m good at—it’s surviving. I’m also a hardcore, certified introvert. I’ll tell you what it’s like to be one.

And there are quotes from sages and scholars from around the world and across history.

 I can’t promise you a pleasant stroll in my garden,  but maybe, you’ll  find something that resonates with you.

Come, take my hand.

Walk with me.

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