Waiting for perfection

A lot of talented people remain unnoticed and unknown. They live and then, they die with regrets. They are buried with their dreams that never came to fruition.  Their mistake? Aiming for perfection before taking action.

Would-have-been great writers have remained unpublished because of excessive editing and revising.  Inspiring poems and stories have remained unread in notebooks and laptops because their own authors never stopped finding faults.

Would-have-been great painters never had art exhibits because they are never happy with their work. How many still lifes were never finished and left to rot in basements because the painter wasted hours upon hours blending the colors?

 Would-have-been great composers never finished a song because of endless reworking of lyrics and melody. Soul-moving songs have faded on music sheets without being heard by the masses because the composer was criticizing every bar.

Would-have-been-great singers and actors never made it on stage or the silver screen because they rehearsed too long and missed the audition. How many Grammys and Oscars went to less talented people because someone waited too long to develop the perfect pitch or the perfect act?

Would-have-been great athletes never got a medal because they wanted to be Olympic-material before trying out for a school team. How many world records would have been shattered had these self-doubting powerhouses mustered enough courage early on?

 This is not to advocate taking bold actions without preparation. Planning is necessary. Practicing a skill is very important. Revising is indispensable. Definitely, you have to invest time on this process. But at some point, you have to take the plunge. The world will not wait for you and your life is short. Imposing perfection on yourself is self-defeating. You will never be perfect. Nobody is. Your work will never be perfect. Nothing is.  You will likely face defeat, rejection and ridicule when you try to show the world what you’ve got. But those are a part of the journey to greatness.  Just keep on going.

Therefore, go ahead.

Write that story and publish it.

Paint that sunset and show it to the world.

Compose that song and find someone to sing it.

Barge into that audition and act with all your heart.

Register in that marathon and run with all your might.

One Comment on “Waiting for perfection

  1. I totally agree with you. If you never take the plunge, then you will never know what you are truly capable of.

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