That toxic guy in your office

by Marily Sasota Gayeta

You probably have one in your office. The toxic guy. That guy who knows it all and demeans those who don’t. That guy who is always on combat-mode, and argues with everyone over everything. That guy who frequently visits the HR to complain about the job he willingly signed up for.

Their ego and conceitedness render them blind to their own shortcomings.

If they could only read people’s mind and see what’s in their heart —they would realize how exhausting it is to have someone like them in the workplace. And they  would surely be shocked at the misfortune other people wish would befall them.  

They flaunt what they know. Whenever they are able to fix a problem, they make sure everyone hears about it. They have no patience to wait for other people’s compliments. They proclaim it themselves.

They are highly argumentative and never settle for a compromise. They insist on being right all the time and seldom give a room for other people’s ideas. They take personal offense even when people are simply trying to make clarifications.

They bully the newbies and the slow ones. They make things hard for them by deliberately withholding the things or the information they need. These toxic people enjoy seeing others stumble. They delight as the boss scolds others for repeated errors.

They make an issue out of every single thing. They will confront an office mate who sent an innocuous, harmless e-mail. They will call out the janitor for overlooking a speck of dust on their desk.  And they will fight with the procurement officer over a jammed stapler.

Do you happen to have such an officemate?

Do you still have the patience to deal with them, or are you about to give them a dose of their own medicine?

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