Temptations may be dangerous but they are a necessary evil.  They are actually good for building character.  Temptations are trials that you need to overcome to grow wiser and stronger. If you were never tempted, you were never tested. 

Temptations appeal to our baser instincts. Things that are pleasurable to our senses.  Desires that we try to subdue inside our hearts. Cruel thoughts that we dream of acting out.  How we face and deal with these temptations ultimately shape who we are.

You say you have never revenged against anyone. But probably that’s because you were never in a position to do so. You are always rock bottom, and you simply cannot afford to exact revenge. But what if you had that power: the money, the position, the intelligence, the influence —all the trappings of a privileged life. Wouldn’t you be tempted to use that power against people who have done you wrong?  If you have the power to make an enemy’s life miserable, would you use it?  Very tempting, right? If you have such power, but choose tolerance and forgiveness instead—then you are a great human.

You say you’ve never stolen anything or taken anything that’s not yours. Well, maybe it’s because you were never  in a situation where you can steal without being caught. You were simply afraid to do so. That’s not the same as being genuinely honest.   What would you do, if you have the chance to steal, and no one is watching?  Would you steal it?   If another man’s precious possessions—like money or a diamond ring— is there for your taking, with no legal consequences— would you take it?  If you choose to leave it, then you are a great human.

You are a faithful husband. Really? Or maybe, you are just surrounded by aging, unattractive women.  And even if there are pretty girls around, they are not interested in you. You are loyal only because no one else wants you. But what if… there is this gorgeous, bubbly girl who always flirts with you, and is willing to sleep with you despite that ring on your finger. Yes, there’s this beautiful woman who is willing to be your mistress. Would you still be the faithful husband you claim to be?  If you walk away from that seduction, and choose the sacredness of your marriage or existing partnership, then, you are a great human.

Temptations are a forked road. They can lead to suffering and utter destruction,  or they can be a path to triumph and redemption. You choose the way. ( marily sasota gayeta )

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