If a man is unfaithful,  we say boys will be boys.

If a woman is unfaithful, we should stone her to death.

If I trash talk others on social media, that’s freedom of speech.

If others trash talk me, that’s unjust vexation and defamation.

If a single mother is rich, she is an independent woman.

If a single mother is poor, she is a slut who can’t keep her legs closed.

If a son is autistic, he is differently abled.

If a stranger’s son is autistic, he is retarded.

If a brother dies from police bullets in a cross-fire with suspects—he is a victim of police incompetence.

If it’s some random guy —he is collateral damage.

If a friend gets cancer— God is testing him.

If an enemy gets cancer—God is punishing him.

If I sin— it’s because I’m just human and I seek forgiveness.

If others sin— they are evil and they deserve retribution.


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