Demonizing Money

Is accumulation of money evil? Money has been demonized by a lot of people. Preachers always warn us about it. Money is associated with greed, corruption, and excess.

But just like any other tool in life, money is neither good nor bad. It is a neutral thing. It becomes good or evil, depending on the hands that hold it. Just like a knife. If you use a knife to murder someone, the knife becomes an evil tool. But if you use it to cut meat and fish to be fed to the poor, the knife becomes a good tool.

In the hands of the wrong person, money will be used to feed insatiable desires for luxury and material extravagance. In the hands of a morally depraved person, money will be weaponized to exact revenge and to humiliate those who don’t have it. In the hands of a philandering man, money can be used to solicit sexual favors, and thus, it becomes an instrument of the destruction of a family. Money can be used to bribe institutions to swing the scale of justice in one’s favor, and to escape from the consequences of one’s crimes. It can be utilized to buy weapons to intimidate and harm innocent people. Money can be used to buy votes and obtain a position in the government, with the intention of further enriching oneself while pretending to serve the public.

But in the hands of the right person, money becomes a sacred and holy thing. It becomes a positive tool for social transformation.  Money can be used to obtain education, not just for oneself, but for others as well. In the hands of a wise man, money can be used to buy books for poor children and livelihood training for the less fortunate. It can be used to build a socially responsible business that takes care of its employees and customers—not just of its own coffers. In the hands of a philanthropist, money can be used to save and uplift others in times of great calamities. It can provide food, medical needs and shelter. Money can be used to provide generators, solar panels and water filtration machines to impoverished  villages.

It’s never about the money. It’s about the hands— and the heart — that hold the money.

So, go ahead and make lots of money. And use it for the good of this world.

Marily Sasota Gayeta

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