Don’t tell artists to shut up

Telling entertainment artists to just sing, dance and act — and just shut up about social-political issues,  is one of the most condescending, and yet, one of the most uneducated, things to say.

You laugh at them because they don’t have the linguistic sophistication and coherence to express their thoughts. But this limitation can be observed among people in all professions — even among teachers and communication experts!


When you tell artists to shut up…

It’s like telling doctors to shut up and just treat patients in their clinics— and just ignore legislation that cuts health care budget.

It’s like telling nurses to just tend to a man shot or strangled by the police  — and ignore arbitrary rules that allow such harm.

It’s like telling health workers to just intubate people,  and just accept lousy and even dangerous decisions from unqualified bosses who got their jobs by licking asses.

It’s like telling teachers to shut up and just teach kids —because they have the mental level of kindergarten pupils. It’s also like telling History teachers to keep silent when falsehoods are being peddled by politicians.  It’s like telling Math teachers to just teach Algebra and ignore the hocus-focus on the country’s national budget.

It’s like telling a chef to shut up and just cook — and give a free pass to politicians who steal meals from the poor.

It’s like telling a tailor to shut up and just make clothes, and ignore the naked poor who can’t afford better clothes because goods are over-taxed.

It’s like telling a basketball player to shut up and just dribble and shoot — and ignore the exclusion of the poor from sports programs, and the dirty politicking inside sports organizations.

The real reason why you want entertainment artists to shut up is that they are on the other side of politics. Otherwise, you would have fully accepted and understood their lack of verbal flair.

Is it their lack of intelligence or your lack of tolerance?

Next time, before you tell artists to shut up— try to recall the number of times you ventured to talk about something outside of your supposed expertise, if you have one.

And next time, before you laugh at showbiz people who fumble at words and lose their train of thought—think of the many, many times you have said a stupid thing and embarrassed yourself in front of other people. ( MARILY SASOTA GAYETA )

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