Asian hypocrisy

Can Asians  dislike brown skin and be genuinely sympathetic to Black Lives Matter?

Make no mistake about it. Skin color is a big issue in Asia. The billion-dollar skin whitening industry is a testament to this. Millions of Asian women spend a fortune on kojic soap, papaya lotion, and glutathione IV procedures to reduce melanin on their skin. Every day— on TV, radio, internet, bill boards— Asians are bombarded by advertisements telling them that dark skin is inferior, and  brainwashing them about a product that will solve this inferiority.

The superiority of white skin is a widely-held belief in many Asian societies, though not openly admitted  by individuals. But again, robust sales of whitening products speak volumes. White skin is beautiful and clean. Dark skin is unattractive and dirty. As the saying goes: one whiteness covers seven ugliness. (or is it 10 or more? )

Asians can be as racist and discriminatory as the White Americans and Europeans they criticize.  In schools, children with the darkest skin are often bullied and the target of cruel jokes. In school programs and parties, they are forced into playing “funny” —i.e., embarrassing—  roles to entertain everyone.  Even in offices and work places where people are supposed to behave professionally, dark-skinned people are unfortunate receivers of taunts, micro-aggressions and power-tripping.  Every now and then, somebody calls them demeaning names.  Every day, Asians offend other Asians whose skin tone is darker.

But then, when they look at the news and see the injustice committed against Black Americans and other people of color, they post messages of sympathy and solidarity. But how genuine are these messages?

Can you dislike brown skin and be sincerely concerned about the ordeals of Black people in other parts of the world?

It is so easy to be a keyboard defender, but what they actually do in real life betrays their true beliefs and character.

They are just a bunch of hypocrites.

They post #BLACKISBEAUTIFUL, and then slather their skin with whitening lotion.

They post #ICANTBREATHE and then, suffocate others with their indifference, taunts and cruel jokes.

They post #JUSTICEFORGEORGEFLOYD, and then treat dark-skinned classmates, colleagues and neighbors with suspicion and contempt.

You cannot defend what you cannot accept.

You cannot fight for a black person in the US, and then disrespect a dark-skinned person in your own country or continent.

That’s hypocrisy.

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