Tuesday is joke day – July 21

Why did the student eat the exam paper?

Because the teacher said “ It’s a piece of cake!”


What do  you give a sick lemon?

A lemon aid.


Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

Yes. Great food, but no atmosphere.


Why is the Math book so sad?

Because it has so many problems!


Wife: Honey, I burned 5000 calories today.

Husband: Great! How did you do it?

Wife: Well, I left the cake too long in the oven.


My boss told me to start my PowerPoint  presentation with a joke.

So, I put a copy of my pay slip on the first slide.


Why are the parallel lines so sad?

Because they will never meet.


Which bird has the worst manners?

Mocking birds.


I’m emotionally constipated.

I don’t give a shit about anything.


What do you call a dog that doesn’t bark?

A hush puppy.


What if singing “Let it go”  becomes illegal?

Violators’ bank accounts will be FROZEN.


He who laughs last…didn’t get the joke.

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