Jan.1 Snippets

  1. I can keep my new year’s resolutions for just a week. So I just stopped making them.
  2. I will definitely get rid of procrastination—-starting tomorrow, or maybe the day after that. Who knows.
  3. Dated planners are almost always a waste of space and paper. Go for undated ones.
  4. If you have internet connection since March 2020 ( that time when the world started lockdowns), and you’re still stupid—-that’s already your fault!
  5. Being an introvert proved to be very useful during this pandemic.
  6. Stop saying that humans are the best creations of God. We’re just equal with others. Some animals even seem better than us in terms of intelligence and empathy.
  7. Don’t be afraid to stay single your whole life!
  8. Avoid gossipers. They will drain your energy and attract negative vibes.
  9. Many of us did not go crazy during this pandemic because of music. I thank The Beatles, Guns’ N Roses, Eagles, CCR, Matchbox 20. My discovery of Collective Soul was definitely sanity-saving.
  10. Don’t talk much about yourself. Stay mysterious and unpredictable.
  11. Sugar is addictive and harmful. It should be considered as a regulated substance.
  12. In case you haven’t, you should see a photograph of Ernest Hemingway in his late teens or early twenties.What a sight to behold!

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