Middle Age woes

Forty. That’s generally accepted as the start of middle age. And it ends at 60. This is a difficult and challenging period. Here are the reasons.

  1. You are starting to have health problems. Your body starts to feel the impact of the unhealthy lifestyle that you have indulged in during your younger years. Your blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels are off the charts, and you need a regular visit to your doctor.
  2. You are dealing with teenage kids who are at the craziest stage of life. Your unpredictable, rebellious and entitled brats provoke you all the time and give you endless worries.
  3. You are dealing with your own senior parents who need attention and medical care. Giving your own time to aging parents can be hard if you yourself are unhealthy and problematic. You are lucky if they have enough savings and insurance to cover their expenses. However, if they don’t, you end up spending for their medication, caregiver fees and others. This is really tough if you’re poor, or even if you’re middle class. You have to work longer hours to make both ends meet.
  4. You have become physically unattractive. Looking at your naked self at the mirror makes you cringe.   Wrinkles, receding hairline, curves at the wrong places. Your self-confidence starts to erode.
  5. Your marriage has become boring and dysfunctional. As years pass, “life” happens and marriages tend to lose their spark. Arguments and conflict arise frequently, and many relationships crumble. Divorce and separation ensue.
  6. Job burn out. It’s not really the job, but the long years that you have been hustling. Every little thing in the office annoys you, and issues that are tolerated by most people become intolerable to you. You are exhausted after the first hour of work.
  7. You realize that none of your dreams has come true.  The high-paying job, the beach house, the awards, travels to exotic places—not even one came to fruition.

Yes, middle age is a tough age, and the first tip to survive this is to be aware that it is tough.  Acknowledge this fact, and work gradually to alleviate the situation. Start with your health. This is non-negotiable. Eat more greens, reduce processed food and cut down on sugar. Exercise can be as simple as stationary jumping for three minutes.

Do deep breathing when you’re stressed. Inhale slowly for eight seconds, then hold it for seven seconds, and then exhale slowly for eight seconds. Repeat.

Practice calm communication with office mates, kids, spouse and parents. If a marriage is beyond repair, split amicably.

Find a source of income that can be automated. You can sell through dropshipping, or create and sell an online course that features your skills, like low-carb baking and carpentry As long as your income depends on the number of hours you work, you will never have enough money. As you grow older, you will be less and less capable of working.  So, it is about time to learn a new business model.

Work on that dream, even for twenty minutes a day. Whatever it is. You will be surprised where those twenty minutes can lead you.

Remember the oft-repeated saying:  Life begins at 40…(or older!)

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