Just hold on

How are you, my friend?

This time last year, you were cautiously but optimistically anticipating 2021. You wanted to skip the remaining parts of 2020, and just fast forward to the next year. You were expecting that the pandemic would be over by now, and that your life would be back to pre-pandemic normal.

Now, it’s already September 2021. The virus has mutated and countries are dealing with third, fourth and fifth waves of the pandemic. The end to this plague is still nowhere in sight. In many parts of the world, the situation is grimmer and bleaker.

Maybe, you have lost a loved one or a special friend in this pandemic, and you’re grieving. You’re mourning the loss of someone who breathed their last alone and scared, in an ICU bed.

Or maybe you lost your job, or you just closed your business. You don’t know where the next rent or the next meal would come from.

Or you haven’t been re-united with your parents, kids and partner because of the travel restrictions.

Or maybe you’re a hugger, but you haven’t hugged anyone, and haven’t been hugged for a year and a half. And you feel so sad.

Or maybe you’re tired of the frequent zoom meetings, and the work-from-home set up is not for you. You can’t get things done.

Or maybe your mind cannot catch up with the online lessons, and you cannot really comprehend what the teacher is saying.

Or maybe, the isolation and all the complications are pushing you to your wit’s end, and you’re thinking of ending everything.

Just hold on, my friend. Look for micro-solutions to survive the day. Reach out to someone, and there is always a person out there who is just waiting for you to ask. There is always someone to run to.  There is always something that can be done. And there is always a reserve of inner strength that you can harness.

Survive for just one more day. Then, REPEAT.

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