Quiet Gratitude

I choose to practice quiet gratitude. I am not the type to exclaim “Thank you Lord” on social media. I am not inclined to say ”Thank you God for the blessings I don’t deserve.”, or ” God is so good to me.”

Of course, I am grateful, but do I really need social media to tell God how grateful I am? Does God need Facebook to know how I feel? I thank God all the time. Yes, all the time, but I do so in the privacy of my heart.

Do you know why?

First of all, the words “God” and ”Lord” are sacred words. You don’t just utter them or mention them. These words should be treated with the highest reverence. If I am not sure about the absolute purity of my intention, I would rather not mention these words.

Second of all, out of deference for other people. There are good people out there who are struggling. People who are kinder than me, nicer than me, more generous than me, more hardworking than me, more religious than me, more prayerful than me. And yet, they are suffering from ordeals that I have been spared from.

If you or your loved ones survived a terrible accident where other people perished, you don’t need to shout on Facebook “Thank you Lord for saving me.” Thank the Lord in private because other people have died. How would their families feel? Why didn’t God save their loved ones? No one exactly knows.

If you got a promotion or received material blessings, do you need to reveal it to the whole world, and involve the name of God by saying “Thank you Lord for the blessings I don’t deserve!” What? God gave you blessings you don’t deserve? While your hardworking, kind neighbor is skipping meals because of poverty? What does that make God? Playing favorites?

I know that out there, there are better teachers who are paid less. There are more patient migrant workers who are treated inhumanely. There are women and men who would have been far better mothers and fathers, yet have not been given their own children. Somewhere, there are really good people who are struck by tragedies every so often.

Out of respect for other people’s suffering, I thank the Lord quietly. AND I AM SURE HE HEARS IT.

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