Profitable skills for young people

When you’re young, time and energy are your currency. Use them to learn and master skills that will help you gain financial independence. And even if, eventually, you land another full time job, extra skills will be handy for a side hustle. Remember, one source of income is never enough. Here are five skills that young people should have. And the good news is, there are free resources you can access to learn them.

1.Baking and cooking

The pleasure that food brings is unequalled by other desires, and so people will always crave for it. And they will always be willing to pay for something that satisfies their hunger and comforts their emotions as well. Therefore, baking and cooking are money-making skills. Fortunately, the internet is generous with free recipes and culinary tips. Take advantage of them.  For better profit and to avoid losses from spoilage, make products that have longer shelf life. Examples are cookies, candies, pickled veggies and sardined fish. Make sure that you also know proper costing. Sales don’t always mean profit. Many great bakers and cooks fall into bankruptcy because they didn’t know that they’re selling at a loss!  Learn this skill and eat to your heart’s content.

2. Phone and computer repair

Who doesn’t use these gadgets these days? Every gadget, no matter the brand, is bound to fail in one way or another. If you know how to fix PCs, laptops, tabs and phones—you will not go hungry! You will always have a customer. You should be good at both the hardware and software aspects. And because technology continually evolves, you need to keep yourself updated all the time. You can start practicing with your own or your family’s gadgets. If you’re a Filipino, you may avail of TESDA’s free course on Computer Systems Servicing.

3. Copywriting

Do you have a flair for words? Copywriting may be for you. Copywriting is a type of persuasive writing intended for use in advertising and marketing.  The purpose of the product—called copy or sales copy — is to generate sales and profits. Aside from typical advertisements we see on mainstream media, copywriters also write product descriptions, advertorials, e-mails and website content. With the far reach of the internet, business organizations have to make their presence felt in the digital world. That is why there is a great demand for copywriters. Almost everything you see on the internet is a form of copywriting. You need to be creative, research-oriented and excellent in your native language and in English. You should also have an eye for details for the editing and proofreading tasks.

You can read free articles about copywriting to improve your skills. Check out websites of well-known businesses—from retailers to real estate developers—and you will see great examples of copies. Then, try to write your own. You can create your own blog where you can post samples of your work. Also, you can contact companies and offer your initial service for free, on the condition that you can mention them in your resume and include them in your portfolio. Remember, only your initial service is free.

You may join platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr to find copywriting and other freelance opportunities.

4. Driving

The growth of online businesses and e-commerce also spurred the demand for delivery services that need riders and drivers to deliver the goods, literally. Therefore, if you enjoy driving a motorbike or a van, you can join the fleet. Of course, choose the best company and platform. Pay may be minimum, but you can get tips from generous customers. It’s not easy to find free driving courses, but it depends on where you are, your connections and your family. A lot of people learned driving from a family member, especially fathers and older brothers. You need a budget for gas to master driving. For this gig, you need not just a valid driver’s license but also a cool head and superb navigational skills. Of course, you should be at least 18 years old.

5. Gardening

Gardening may not appeal to you if you’re young, but you will reap rewards if you manage to psych yourself into it. If you have the space, you can grow ornamental plants and edible herbs. The lockdowns have somehow reignited people’s interest in flowers, plants and herbs. In the new normal and even in the post-pandemic scenario, people will still likely spend more hours at home. People are redecorating and landscaping their homes for better ambiance. Those who have been into floriculture and gardening pre-pandemic time have earned money selling their orchids, roses, snake plants and bonsai trees. On the other hand, the demand for organic, fertilizer-free herbs such as oregano, mint and sage has increased because of people’s serious attention to health and better diet. Edible herbs can also be made into tea! Aside from the potential profit, gardening also boosts a person’s mental health and well-being. If you visit rural areas, seeds and cuttings can be obtained cheap or even free. Pots can be made from recycled materials.

The best time to learn new skills is when you’re young. (And the second best time is now!) Don’t waste your spare time sitting idly. Learn the skills that pay the bills!

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