Salalah Photo Dump!

I have been working and living in Salalah, Oman for eight years. Actually, the province is officially called Dhofar and Salalah is the capital. But in the tourism industry, the name Salalah represents the whole province. From July to September of every year, Salalah is transformed into lush, verdant paradise. It’s called “Khareef” or monsoon season. You wouldn’t believe you’re in the Middle East!

Local and international tourists come here for nature tripping, not shopping. There are a few malls here but not as massive as the ones you find in Dubai. If you want to enjoy Salalah, bring a tent or a mat, and some foldable chairs. Be ready to drive in your SUV at dawn so you can catch the magnificent sunrise.

Some public beaches are very accessible from the main roads while some are hidden and secluded. These isolated beaches are great places for unwinding and meditation. You will also find fertile coconut and banana plantations.

Some waterfalls are seasonal and come to life only during Khareef.
Be ready to share the beach with camels and horses.
You need to be a skilled driver to safely navigate your way around.
On foggy days, visibility is poor. You need to watch out for the camels, cows and goats that suddenly appear!
Imagine yourself sitting at the edge of these rock formations and taking it all in.
And that’s me, at Taqah beach, bothering the flocks of birds that were resting on the sand.
An artist’s rendition of the above scenario. The photo that she copied (not the one above) showed only two birds hovering above me. I so love this!

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