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Snippets:Of plane crashes and culture,friends

Is there a correlation between plane crashes and culture? A knee-jerk answer would be NONE, but it turns out—-there is. The culture, or at least the upbringing, of the co-pilot will have a critical role in times of emergency. If the co-pilot was raised in a culture that puts so much emphasis on respect forContinue Reading

Jan.1 Snippets

I can keep my new year’s resolutions for just a week. So I just stopped making them. I will definitely get rid of procrastination—-starting tomorrow, or maybe the day after that. Who knows. Dated planners are almost always a waste of space and paper. Go for undated ones. If you have internet connection since MarchContinue Reading

Dreams as the genesis of organized religion

One theory about organized religion is that it started from dreams. Imagine ancient humans, tens of thousands of years ago. As these hunters and gatherers lay their tired bodies inside a cave, they fall into sleep. Then, they start dreaming. They see absurd visions while deep in slumber. Sometimes, they dream of wild beasts chasingContinue Reading

Of collective ignorance and enlightenment

There was a gap of 2000 years between the time when the possible existence of “atoms” was broached and the time when it was proven. Around 450 BC, Greek philosopher Democritus claimed that  matter can be broken down into very small elements that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. However, he had no way toContinue Reading

Lesson from 2020: Be cautiously optimistic

Grief and suffering are a part of human life. No amount of optimism will change that. Death, even during normal times, is tragic. The tragedy is multiplied manifold during a pandemic. Most COVID-19 victims suffered and died alone. At best, they were accompanied by nurses and doctors who were wearing PPEs that hid their faces,Continue Reading

“One whiteness can cover three ugliness”

Photo courtesy of “ White skin” is another issue.  The skin whitening craze in Asia and Africa has gone to, well , crazy  levels. And it is being fueled  by the  media’s love affair  with  white-skinned models  and  leading ladies. Whitening soaps, whitening lotions, whitening capsules. Then, there are whitening medical procedures  like  lasers Continue Reading

The negative effects of beauty ads

( This is an excerpt from a longer article already published on this blog.) Philip Myers Jr. and Frank Biocca, both academic researchers, concluded in their study published in the Journal of Communication, that a woman’s self-perceived body image can change after watching a half-an-hour of television programming and advertising. On the other hand, the  research of  YokuContinue Reading

2020 further exposed racism against Blacks

“Racism is not getting worse. It’s getting filmed.”, a quote attributed to Black actor Will Smith. And I agree. There seems to be a semblance of diversity, integration and tolerance in some parts of the world, and in some aspects of our existence like sports and entertainment.  Despite this, racism is still pervasive. Incidents ofContinue Reading

Getting married? Manage your expectations

“I do.” Uttered with quivering voice,  teary eyes and blushing cheeks. Ten years later. “ What the hell is going on?” Years into a marriage, a lot of couples begin to have a lot of questions, doubts and regrets. Some of them are unspoken, while some are  loudly voiced out.  Arguments, fights, separation and divorce ensue. At  the pre-marriageContinue Reading


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