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“One whiteness can cover three ugliness”

Photo courtesy of nccj.org “ White skin” is another issue.  The skin whitening craze in Asia and Africa has gone to, well , crazy  levels. And it is being fueled  by the  media’s love affair  with  white-skinned models  and  leading ladies. Whitening soaps, whitening… Continue Reading ““One whiteness can cover three ugliness””

Asian hypocrisy

Can Asians  dislike brown skin and be genuinely sympathetic to Black Lives Matter? Make no mistake about it. Skin color is a big issue in Asia. The billion-dollar skin whitening industry is a testament to this. Millions of Asian women spend a fortune on… Continue Reading “Asian hypocrisy”

Doll experiment: how dark-skinned kids feel about themselves

by Marily Sasota Gayeta In 1939, Kenneth B. Clark and Mamie Phipps Clark, a husband-wife team, both African-American psychologists, investigated the effects of segregation on black American children. In their experiment, they showed   two  dolls to 253  black kids , whose age ranged from… Continue Reading “Doll experiment: how dark-skinned kids feel about themselves”

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